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Memorial Hall Library 
Andover, Massachusetts 

Andover Room 










Do not take from this room 

Memorial Hall Library 

Andover, Mass. 01810 


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Selections from 

Memorial Hall Library's 

Andover Room 

on the occasion of the 

350th Anniversary 

of the Town 

w 6 

Andover In Print was compiled by the staff of Memorial Hall 
Library for the 350th anniversary of the town's founding. This 
bibliography is a selection of historical titles in the Andover Room 
and does not represent the complete holdings. 

Pam Awtrey 

Nancy Bartlett 

Leslie Baskin 

Nan Becker 

Phyllis Bingham 

Sydelle Cohen 

Florence Feldman-Wood 

Norma Gammon 

Beth Mazin 

Barbara Mortenson 

Rosalie Ren 

Nancy Richards 

Ruth Rosensweig 

Glenda Schaake 

James Sutton, Director 

All photographs courtesy of the Andover Historical Society Collection, 
Andover, MA 

Printing courtesy of Raytheon Company 

Copyright Memorial Hall Library 
January 1996 

"The subject of history is the life of peoples and of 
humanity. To catch and pin down in words - that is, to 
describe directly the life, not only of humanity, but 
even of a single people, appears to be impossible." 

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi 
War and Peace 

"The history of every country begins in the heart of a 
man or a woman." 

Willa Sibert Cather 
O Pioneers! 

The history in Memorial Hall's Andover Room is 
indeed close to the hearts of the men, women and children of 
Andover. Even those who read nothing more than the annotations 
in this booklet may find they feel closer than before to the people 
who came before them and who were responsible for making and 
writing the history of our Town. 

As Andover celebrates the 350th Anniversary of its found- 
ing, the library staff is participating in the events by producing 
this bibliography. The purpose of the bibliography is to provide 
students and other interested readers with a guide to the Andover 
materials in the library's collections. 

The library staff is always eager to help anyone with an in- 
terest in Andover's history. The librarians at the Reference Desk 
will be pleased to locate and make these materials available to 

James E. Sutton 




History before 1900 


History after 1900 


Historic Homes 




Shaw she en/Ballardvale 










Personal Reminiscences 


Town Anniversaries 








Baker, Vernon G. Historical Archaeology at Black 
Lucy's Garden, Andover, Massachusetts: 
Ceramics from the Site of a Nineteenth Century 
Afro-American. Andover, Mass: Phillips 
Academy, 1978. 

A freed black slave named Lucy Foster occupied 
this site from the late 18th to the mid 19th century. 
Ceramic pieces were excavated primarily from her 
well and cellar hole, and from a trash dump on the 


Luedtke, Barbara E. The Camp at the Bend in the River: 
Prehistory at the Shattuck Farm Site. Boston, MA: 
Massachusetts Historical Commission, 1985. 


The Shattuck Farm site on the Merrimack River 
in Andover has been occupied by different groups of 
people for thousands of years, first as a camp or vil- 
lage site, later as a family farm, and most recently as 
the setting for an industrial park. Surveys, field work, 
and excavations were performed here in the early 
1980s. These explorations are described in detail, and 
enhanced by the inclusion of many charts and graphs. 

Moorehead, Warren K. Certain Peculiar Earthworks 
near Andover, Massachusetts. Andover, Mass.: 
The Andover Press, 1912. 

Professor Moorehead describes seven sites which 
have unusual long trenches and embankments. He as- 
signed names to these earthworks, such as Haggett's 
Pond Embankment, Fort Shawsheen, and Fort Gold- 
smith. He theorizes that Native Americans built the 
earthworks, and that they may have been used for de- 
fense against attacks by other local tribes. Included 
are numerous photographs of the sites, and of recov- 
ered objects, as well as survey maps. 


HISTORY - Before 1900 




Abbot, Abiel. History of Andover from its Settlement 

to 1829. Andover, [Mass.]: Flagg and Gould, 1829. 

Abbot's brief history, covering the time between 
the first settlement and his own period, is the first his- 
tory of Andover that has survived. Read it both for in- 
formation and for the charm of its early 19th century 

Bailey, Sarah Loring. Historical Sketches of Andover 
Massachusetts. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1880. 

First published in 1880, and reprinted in 1974, 
this is the most complete and well-documented history 
of Andover published in the 19th century. 

Fuess, Claude M. Andover: Symbol of New England: The 
Evolution of a Town. [Andover]: Andover 
Historical Society, 1959. 

A survey of Andover history from its beginnings 
up to the late 1950s. Fuess, a previous headmaster of 
Phillips Academy, includes the influence of the three 
academies on the character of the town. 


Greven, Philip J., Jr. Four Generations: Population, Land 
and Family in Colonial Andover, Massachusetts. 
Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1970. 

A socio-economic history of Andover in the 17th 
and 18th centuries. Draws upon deeds, wills, and vital 
records to furnish evidence of the role of individuals 
in both the nuclear and extended family, and in the 
community. Of particular interest is the way control of 
land affected father-son relationships. 


Harris, Edward Mosely. Andover in the American 

Revolution: A New England Town in a Period of 
Crisis, 1763-1790. Marceline, MO: Walsworth 
Pub. Co., 1976. 

Records both the military and civil activities of 
the townspeople, and their reaction to the events that 
shaped our country. Covers the period from the French 
and Indian War to the election of George Washington. 

Ray Raymond, Samuel. The Record of Andover during the 

Rebellion. Andover, [Mass.]: W. F. Draper, 1875. 

A report of the actions undertaken by the town 
and its citizens to support the Union. Contains lists of 
Andover recruits, battles in which they fought, and 
their subsequent fate. 




T. A. Holt & Co. Grocery & Dry Goods 1896 

HISTORY - After 1900 



Bay State Historical League. History of Andover, 
Massachusetts. [Mass.]: Bay State Historical 
League, 1931. 

Originally presented in October, 1931, this suc- 
cinct paper provides a glimpse of Andover in the early 
part of the 20th century. 

Fuess, Claude ML, ed. Andover, Massachusetts in the 
World War. Andover, [Mass.]: Andover Press, 


A vivid and detailed account of Andover history 
during the Great War. Includes a list of soldiers killed 
in action. Most fascinating is the information on local 
patriotic campaigns and organizations. 

League of Women Voters of Andover, Massachusetts. 
About the Town of Andover, Massachusetts. 
Andover League of Women Voters, 1960. 

An overview of the history, politics and govern- 
ment of the town, as it was in 1960. 


League of Women Voters of Andover. Andover Town 
Handbook. Andover, MA: League of Women 
Voters, 1994. 

A citizen's guide to Andover as it is today. In- 
cludes a summary of Andover history, a description of 
county, state, and town government, listings of social 
service agencies, and information about educational, 
cultural, and religious resources. With maps, photo- 
graphs, phone numbers and addresses. 


Richardson, Eleanor M. Andover: A Century of Change, 
1896-1996. Andover, MA: Andover Historical 
Society, 1995. 

This readable account of daily life in Andover is 
enhanced by many personal narratives that bring to 
life the momentous changes of the last hundred years. 
Covers history, industry, schools, conservation and 
even disasters! Commissioned by the Andover Histor- 
ical Society to celebrate the 350th anniversary of 

The Andover Shop c.1945 



Andover Historical Commission. Andover Historic 

Building Survey. Andover, MA: Prepared for the 
town by the Andover Historical Commission, 


Sixteen loose leaf binders, organized by location, 
containing information about historic homes in Ando- 
ver. Each house description includes a photograph, 
house style, architectural features, building materials 
used, and historical significance. 

Historic Houses in Andover, Massachusetts, compiled 
for the Tercentenary Celebration. [S. N. ], 1946. 

Describes forty-four historic Andover houses 
built in the 17th through 19th centuries. A few photo- 
graphs are included, as well as a map showing house 
locations. A brief foreword comments on the geological 
history of Andover, and significant archaeological finds 
in the town. 



Le Boutillier, Addison B. An Architectural Monograph 
on Early Wooden Architecture in Andover, Mass. 
St. Paul, Minnesota: White Pine Bureau, 1917. 

A reproduction of an architectural monograph, 
with detailed descriptions of early homes in Andover 
and North Andover. The monograph includes excellent 
photographs of representative homes in the area. 

A collection of pamphlets detailing the history of ten 
significant Andover homes built in the 1700s and 
early 1800s. Each pamphlet also includes a photograph 
of the building, interesting architectural details, and 
lively comments about the homes' occupants. Found in 
the Vertical File under Andover - Historic Houses. 




After Him, You're First. Andover, MA: Tyer Rubber 
Company, 1945. 

Written just at the end of World War II, this 
booklet describes the founding of the Tyer Rubber 
Company, its innovative products, its role in the war 
effort, and its peacetime conversion plans. Numerous 
photographs emphasize the making of war material in 
the factory, and its use in the battlefield. 

Business History of Andover. Andover: Andover 
Townsman Press, 1896. 

This anniversary program put out by the An- 
dover Townsman in 1896, gives a glimpse of Andover 
business and industry at the end of the 19th century. 
It includes a detailed history of important firms and 
educational institutions such as Ballard Vale Mills, 
Smith & Dove Mills, the Tyer Rubber Company, and 
Phillips Academy. There are many short biographical 
sketches of small businessmen of the time, from gro- 
cers to insurance agents to undertakers. Features a 
look at the waterworks and its importance to the town, 


Sellars, Grace. Fifty Years of Industry. Address for the 
Tuesday Club. November 16, 1954. 

This speech details Andover's role in Massachu- 
setts' business history. It briefly mentions many types 
of firms, and important dates. Some firms, especially 
mills, are discussed in more detail: Marland Manufac- 
turing Company, the Phillips family powder and paper 
mills, the Smith & Dove mills, and the Tyer Rubber 


Smith & Dove Manufacturing Co., Andover , 
Massachusetts. Andover, 1926. 

This small booklet consists chiefly of photo- 
graphs of the Smith & Dove mills, the first flax mills in 
America, as well as a selection of other sites. The brief 
text describes the founding of the company, the work- 
er's housing, and Andover in the twenties. 

Ballardvale Manufacturing Co. c.1900 


Ame American Woolen Company. Shawsheen, the Model 

Community and the Home of the Officers and 
Staff of the American Woolen Company. 
Andover, Massachusetts: American Woolen 
Company, 1924. 

Promotional booklet, prepared by the American 
Woolen Company, about the early history of this "sci- 
entifically and artistically planned" village on the 
banks of the Shawsheen River. 

R B Wood, 

Wi Roddy, Edward G. Mills, Mansions and Mergers: The 

Life of William M. Wood. North Andover, Mass.: 
Merrimack Valley Textile Museum, 1982. 

The biography of William Wood, founder of the 
giant textile firm, the American Woolen Company. In- 
cludes an extensive history of Shawsheen Village, 
Wood's innovative, costly experiment in early 20th 
century suburban planning. 

His History of Ballardvale. Andover, Mass.: Memorial Hall 

Library, 1995. 

Brief articles about the Ballardvale section of 
Andover and the Ballard Vale mills. 



Fuller, Samuel. Memoir of Benjamin Hanover Punchard 
the Founder of the Punchard Free School. 
Andover, printed by Warren F. Draper, 1857. 

Mr. Punchard bequeathed money for the estab- 
lishment of the first free school in Andover. His mem- 
oir is an interesting portrayal of an outstanding An- 
dover citizen. 

Kel Kelly, Mia. Andover The Face of Phillips Academy. 

Ipswich, Mass.: Ipswich Press, 1983. 

Photographic tour of the campus of Phillips 
Andover, plus historical documents about the school, 
from its founding in 1778 up to the present. 


Kelsey, Katherine R. Abbot Academy Sketches 1892- 
1912. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1929. 

Excellent resource for those interested in the his- 
tory of Abbot Academy, and the history of women's 
education in America in the early 1900s. 


Taking Care of Their Heritage II. Andover, Mass.: 
Andover Public Schools, 1979. 

A compilation of fifteen oral histories of elderly 
citizens about their lives in the Andover-Lawrence 
area. Ms. Ruth Cleveland's account offers an excellent 
portrayal of educational life in Andover, from a stu- 
dent's point of view. Ms. Buchan's portrays her life as 
a public school teacher in Andover, and also her teach- 
ing experiences at Phillips Andover. 



Woods, Leonard. History of the Andover Theological 

Seminary. Boston: James R. Osgood and Co., 1885. 

A history of the Andover Theological Seminary, 
written by of one of its founders. An excellent source 
for studying the history of Christian theological edu- 
cation in the United States. 


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Punchard High School c. 1910 

1 1 


The library's Andover Room collection contains histor- 
ical materials on Andover's older churches. The short tracts on the 
South Church show how the old New England towns, such as An- 
dover, developed around the location of the Meeting House or 
Church, The location of the Meeting House was crucial to the orig- 
inal settlers, and the disputes that arose are described in these 

The founding of the South Church in 1711, the West 
Parish Church in 1826, the Parish of Christ Episcopal Church in 
1833, the Free Christian Church in 1846, and St. Augustine's Par- 
ish in 1852 are all the result of important developments in An- 
dover's history. Reading the sections of these pamphlets on the 
history of the churches will bring many rewards to the individual 
interested in understanding how Andover became the town it is 


Patterson, Frances W. The Parish of Christ Church, 

Andover. Diocese of Massachusetts, 1833-1975. 
Andover, MA: Christ Church All Members Canvas 
Committee, 1975. 

The story of Abraham Marland, founder of this 
Episcopal church, and the development of the parish to 


St. Augustine's Parish. St. Augustine's Parish 100th 
Anniversary, 1852-1952. Andover, MA: [s.n.], 

The account of how Rev. James O'Donnell erected 
the first Catholic church in Andover, and dedicated it 
to St. Augustine. 



Smith, Mary Byers. The Founding of the Free Christian 
Church of Andover. Read at the 100th Anniver- 
sary of Its Founding. Reprinted from the Essex 
Institute Historical Collections, Volume LXXXII, 
October 1946. 



Traces the early history of the Free Christian 
Church from its beginnings as a group of people dis- 
satisfied with the positions of their previous churches 
regarding slavery. 

South Church. Historical Manual of the South Church in 
Andover, Mass. Andover. Printed by Warren F. 
Draper, 1859. 

From the preliminary votes in 1707 to build a 
new meeting-house, this early history of South Church 
goes over many important issues that influenced how 
Andover was built. Topics include the officers of the 
parish, the ministry, the location of the meeting-house, 
the burial grounds, and Sabbath schools. Includes a 
catalog of members. 

The South Church, Congregational. Two Hundred 

Fiftieth Anniversary. Andover, Mass.: The South 
Church, 1961. 

Historic pictures enliven an already fascinating 
tale of the Church, which includes the Anniversary 
Order of Service. 



West Parish Church. Historical Sketches of West Parish 
Church, Andover, Massachusetts 1906. 
[Andover? 1906]. 

These sketches consist of lists of pastors and 
deacons, a history of the parish, an historical address 
on the occasion of the 250th Anniversary of the Town 
of Andover, and a reflection and a reminiscence by 
two former pastors. Also includes pictures and a fore- 
word by Rev. J. Edgar Park, minister of the Church in 


West Parish Church. Historical Manual of the West 
Church and Parish in Andover, Massachusetts 
with the complete roll of the members of the 
Church, 1826- 1926. Andover, Mass.: Andover 
Press, 1926. 

A more succinct history than the former. Dis- 
cusses the strains the Church faced in 1846 regarding 
the issue of slavery. 


West Parish Church. One Hundred and Thirty Years of 

Church and Parish History. The West Parish 
Church, Andover, Mass. 1826-1956. Compiled and 
edited by Herbert P. Carter. Andover, Mass.: West 
Parish Church, 1956. 

The history of the Church and the Parish are 
presented separately, but taken together they give an 
interesting account of how the separation of the two 
resulted in the present parish. 



And Andover, [Mass.] 325th Anniversary Committee. 

Andover, 1946-1971: 325th Anniversary, 
Andover, Mass. Andover, MA: Andover's 325th 
Anniversary Committee, 1971. 

Contains a seven page article, Environmental 
Changes, by Juliet Kellogg. Provides a thorough over- 
view of population growth in Andover. In addition to 
AVIS conservation efforts, notes the Conservation 
Commission's use of the Self-Help Program for land 
purchase. Also, outlines the effect of the land taking 
for Route #93. 

And Andover Trails Committee and Andover Village Im- 

provement Society. The Bay Circuit and AVIS 
Guide to Walks in Andover. Andover, MA: 
Andover Trails Committee and Andover Village 
Improvement Society, 1992. 

This small book is a naturalist's treasure. Bound 
by clips, it is easy to detach a section and take it on a 
hike. The introduction gives an overview of the key 
Andover committees which strive to increase the pub- 
lic's access to recreational trails. For each of eighteen 
Andover conservation areas there is a two page de- 
scription/ history and a detailed map. 

For Ford, Howard I. The Birds of Andover. Andover, Mass: 

The School Department, 1900. 

A pamphlet produced as an aid to bird study in 
Andover public schools. Includes tables on spring mi- 
grants, permanent residents, winter visitors and 
breeding habits of the common birds. 


Mer Merrimack Valley Bird Club. Andover, MA: Merrimack 

Valley Bird Club, 1967. (plus supplements) 

A two volume set which follows the bird club 
from its inception in 1948, to 1984. The first volume 
includes bird counts, newspaper clippings, lists of 
members, minutes of meetings and the pamphlet The 
Birds of the Andover Region. The second volume con- 
tinues with annual reports, and a smaller number of 
bird sightings. 

Mof Mofford, Juliet Haines. AVIS, A History in Conser- 

vation. Andover, Mass: Andover Village Im- 
provement Society, 1980. 

The definitive history of the conservation move- 
ment in Andover. The author summarizes: "Read about 
the history of conservation in Andover and meet the 
people who, through eighty-six years, made the pres- 
ervation of these public lands possible. But even bet- 
ter, put on your hiking boots or strap on your cross- 
country skis and hike those AVIS trails." Includes a 
chronology, a list of AVIS presidents, wonderful illus- 
trations, and abundant primary source material. 

Pea Pease, Arthur Stanley. Some Wild Flowers of Andover. 

Andover, Mass.: School Department, 1901. 

In chart format, this study documents, for the 
years 1895-1897 and 1900, the very common, com- 
mon, frequent and rare flowering plants of Andover. 
The scientific name, common name, habitat, and dates 
of flowering are listed. Includes a separate chart for 



Root, Oscar M. The Moths of the Andover, Mass. Region; 
The Butterflies of the Andover, Mass. Region; The 
Butterflies of New England. North Andover: 
Brooks School, 1948. 

Lists of the moths and butterflies observed in 
the Andover area and in all of New England. 

R582. 160974 
Roo Root, Oscar M. The Trees of the Andover Region. North 

Andover: Brooks School, 1949. 

Lists the native and naturalized trees of the 
Greater Andover area. Includes some exotic trees in 
Andover, and on the grounds and immediate environs 
of the Nevins Memorial Library (Methuen). 

On the ShawsKeerv 

The Shawsheen River c. 1910 



And Andover, Mass. Memorial Hall. Historical Sketch of the 

Memorial Hall, Andover, Mass. Lawrence, Mass.: 
G. S. Merrill & Crocker, 1873. 

The origin of Joseph Smith's plan for a memorial 
"to commemorate and keep in remembrance the 
names of those who gave their lives in defending our 
national flag." The pamphlet details land purchases 
and the raising of monies. It includes a copy of the in- 
scription on the marble tablets in the memorial room, 
with the names of those who died in the Civil War. The 
second section lists the original trustees, with rules 
and regulations governing the trustees, Library, and 


File Memorial Hall Library. Brochure produced for Ded- 

ication of the New Addition, October 30, 1988. 

Historical overview, in pictures and text, of the 
Library from its beginnings through the addition of 
1988. Includes information about adult and children's 
services to the community, the Merrimack Valley Li- 
brary Consortium, and the former Ballardvale Branch 

Smi Smith, Mary Byers. The Founding of the Memorial Hall 

Library, Andover, Mass. Salem, MA: Reprinted 
from the Essex Institute Historical Collections, 

This short pamphlet is not only a record of the 
early history of Memorial Hall Library but also in- 
cludes insights into the climate of the town during the 
Civil War. Includes many excerpts from the diary of 
John Smith, founder of Memorial Hall, along with fi- 
nancial information on land and book purchases, and 
details of the formal opening of the Hall. 




Dal Dalton, Bill. Local Touch. Andover, Mass.: Bill Dalton, 


A collection of Dalton's columns from the Eagle 
Tribune x which describe Andover in the 1950s and 
60s. The book is divided into three sections: Places- 
such as Dalton's Pharmacy, Things-such as town 
meeting, and People-such as Everett Collins. With 
photographs and drawings. 


Doh Doherty, James D. Andover, As I Remember It. 

Doherty, 1992. 

Recollections of Andover from the 1920s through 
the 1980s. There are extensive descriptions of Main 
Street, Ballardvale, and West Andover, from the 1920s 
and 30s. Includes chapters on churches, schools, and 
memorable people. 

Gol Goldsmith, Bessie Punchard. The Townsman's Andover. 

[Andover, Mass.]: Andover Historical Society, 

Aspects of Andover in the 19th century— the Old 
Blue Soapstone Quarry, early inns and taverns, the 
custom of coconuts on Decoration Day, and the author's 
description of her walk to school from Elm Street to 
Christ Church. With photographs of houses and schools. 


Tak Taking Care of Their Heritage. Andover, Mass.: 

Andover Public Schools, 1978 and 1979. 

Two volumes of oral history recorded by high 
school students. The senior citizens interviewed talk 
about various aspects of life in Andover in the early 
1900s, such as silent picture theaters, the Spa, Shaw- 
sheen Village and the mills, and the schools. 




Andover [Mass.] Andover, Massachusetts: Proceedings 
at the Celebration of the Two Hundred and 
Fiftieth Anniversary of Incorporation of the 
Town, May 20, 1896. Andover, Mass.: The 
Andover Press, 1897. 


An official program and chronicle of the five 
day celebration of the Town's 250th anniversary. Con 
tains such information as preliminary arrangements, 
lists of participants, committee members, invited 
guests, historic sites, brief portraits of important An- 
dover men and women, Annie Down's lengthy poem, 
and the complete text of the speeches. Albert Poor's 
oration is an introduction to Andover's history. 

Andover, What It Was, What It Is: 300th Anniversary, 
May 30 - June 2, 1946. Andover, Mass.: Towns- 
man, Press: 1947. 


An excellent pictorial work published for Ando- 
ver's 300th anniversary. Using numerous old and new 
photographs, along with witty descriptions, it records 
the changes in the town through the years. 

Andover [Mass.]. 325th Anniversary Committee. 

Andover, Massachusetts, 1946- 1 97 1. Andover, 
Mass.: Andover's 325th Anniversary Committee, 

Reviews the rapid changes in the town from 
1946 to 1971, with in-depth analysis of post-war in- 
dustry, and suburbanization. Covers topics on environ- 
ment, town government, schools, churches and Ando- 
ver's role in three wars-World War II, Korea, and 



Glennie, George. Historic Andover: 325th Anniversary, 
1646-1971. Andover, Mass.: Andover Historical 
Society, 1971. 

A brief outline of the major historical events in 
Andover. Supplemented with excellent photographs 
and descriptions of old and new buildings, both public 
and private 

The 250th Anniversary 1896 




Abbott, Charlotte Helen. Andover Families transcribed 
by Miss Lemare. (Work done for the W.P.A. in 

Fifty-six notebooks containing typed genealogies 
and historical notes on some eighty-two early Andover 
families. The author, Charlotte Abbott (1844-1921), 
teacher, dressmaker, and amateur genealogist, was a 
colorful Andover resident who, for twenty-five years, 
wrote a popular local column for the Andover Towns- 
man. These early family sketches, known to be subjec- 
tive, with sources rarely sighted, are a vivid insight 
into Andover's earliest days. 


Andover, Massachusetts. Vital Records of Andover 
Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849.... 
2 vols. Topsfield, MA: Topsfield Historical 
Society, 1912. 

Alphabetical indexes to the manuscript records 
of the Town, including births, deaths and marriages 
from the 1600s through 1849. The library also holds 
individual genealogies for several local families. 

on Microfilm: 

Births 1649-1923 
Deaths 1650-1914 
Marriages 1647-1914 
Land Grants to 1760 
Town Meetings 1660-1953 
Treasurer's Records 1767-1874 


MAPS (in Andover Room drawers) 

Plan of Andover in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, 
Essex County, 1692. "Preliminary map" drawn by 
James S. Batchelder. Historical Societies of Ando- 
ver and North Andover, 1992. 

Map of the town (present Andover and North 
Andover) with an inset of Village Center. Residents 
and cemeteries indicated, as well as houses involved in 
the witchcraft frenzy. 

A Plan of Andover taken for the town, by Moses 

Dorman, Jr. Boston: Pendleton's Lithog., 1830. 

Indicates residents of properties, as well as 
churches, schools, factories, etc. 

Map of the Town of Andover, Essex County, Massachu- 
setts, by Henry Walling, Civil Engineer. Litho- 
graphy by A. Kollner, 1852. Reprinted by the 
North Andover Historical Society, 1976. 

Includes both North Parish and West Parish, 
with Andover Village inset. No street labels. 

Various maps of Andover area, 1884: Town of Ando- 
ver, Village of Andover- Northern Section, 
Village of Andover- Southern Section, Ballard- 
vale, Frye Village, Fryeburg. Maine: Saco Valley 

Small maps of Andover neighborhoods, indicat- 
ing residents, schools, manufacturing concerns, etc. 

Map of Town of Andover Massachusetts, Andover 
Village Improvement Society (AVIS), 1994 
Redrawn by Nat Smith. 

Includes an index to streets with the twenty- 
three AVIS reservations shaded. On the reverse side 
are trail maps of selected reservations. 


America House c.1950 





Andover, Massachusetts